Fiddle Brakes?!…

Another mad idea… fiddle brakes for the rear (front) axle…

After some Googling, rather than buying proprietary fiddle brake kits (~£200) I opted to buy two Hillman Imp master cylinders, £62 for the pair, these will act as pass-through so that the man brake pedal can still be used to operate all four disk brakes, but then a pull on these bad boys and either of the back wheels can be braked to enable tight cornering…

The ports at the back (left in the photo) are for the brake fluid reservoir normally, so this will be the input from the brake line, and then out of the other port that is on a slant, and down through braided lines to the back brake callipers…

This unfortunately leaves me without a mechanical handbrake which is a requirement, so I’m currently trying to source a transfer brake for the back of the rocklobster transfer box I have for this project 🙂

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