Hello!, you’ve either arrived here from the menu of my offroad buggy site, or from a web search or looking for the domain name which is used for all my families email addresses, and our business interests… Cynlas is just the name of our houseread on! 😉 Dave

I‘ve wanted to try and research the history of our house for a while/ so being laid up in hospital(s) has given me a chance to start on it…

This is the location of house ”Cynlas” pictured on this map somewhere near the turn of the eighteenth century… The map confirms what I’d heard locally that it was indeed the gardener’s / groundsman’s cottage and was originally part of The Deanery (pictured below). You can see a road passing through the gardens to what was the front of our property. This is confirmed by later photos of when we purchased the house as there were hardly any windows in what is now the frontage of our house.

Now a nursing home, ”The Old Deanery”.

Look at the Land Registry website I managed to find that the “Representative Body of the Church in Wales” sold our property to “Thomas Caradoc Williams” in 1943.

A wider version of the map from around the turn of the eighteenth century, note all the fields north and south of our house…

From another website that gives “then and now” scrolling maps, you can see all the older bungalow and newer housing estates built around it…

Further digging, and another nominal £6 charge, I found that at some point in time during all this housing development Denbighshire County Council (compulsory?) purchased part of our frontage to widen the road for all these homes…

This portion of land in the bold box was purchased. (I’ll write to them out of interest to find more information and the date it occurred).

Here’s the Land Registry entry for it merely referred to as ”Land to the north side of Cynlas”.

This explains our small front yard / drive… that and the extensions and porch we added during the initial redevelopment of our home, which we purchased in 1997 from my wife’s parents, Mr & Mrs Catherall, hence the name of our store next door, ”Catherall’s”. –

Our house as it is today…

Fairly recent photo… notice the beam design that repeats on every gable end. 😉

Often used as a meeting point for the lads when our little group of Jimnys were out greenlaning in North Wales on a Sunday (when the shop is closed).

But it didn’t always look like this!

(When we bought it section to be added here)

(Redevelopment and first extensions to be added here)

(Later extension to be added here)

And from the rear, a slightly odd perspective ”Pano(ramic)” view from an iPhone to fit ir in from the constraints of the back boundary fence.

Whilst searching for maps, I thought this was amusing… the ”What Three Words” system where you can identify any three metre square in the UK by three words… if I point at the missus’s beloved hot tub…

What’s the chance of that? /// afterglow.agreeable.interlude LOL 🙂