New Year…

The festive period out of the way, my foot is improving, and I’m back in work but we’ve changed the shifts around a bit so that I’m now working around 42 hours a week instead of my previous 66+, and as a bonus I get Mondays off!  So I started the day with a bit… Continue reading New Year…

Steering Bar

Today I narrowed and sleeved a steering bar… A bundle of four one metre lengths of seamless steel tube, 25mm ID and 3mm Wall, I used these on the big buggy to sleeve the steering bars, so I knew these would work well over a narrowed bar… Two standard length steering bars… Eventually removed the… Continue reading Steering Bar

Axle Rebuilt

Spent the day today reassembling the rear axle (Yes, it’s a front axle… but the buggy is going to be four wheel steer, so two narrowed front axles are being used) This is going to be the REAR axle, despite obviously being a narrowed front axle… the buggy is going to be four wheel steer… Continue reading Axle Rebuilt

Paint the Axle

Spent today painting the axle casing, diff third member and radius arms ready for reassembly soon… Two coats of Smoothrite Black on everything 😉

Back to it!

After aTEN month siesta whilst my right foot was undergoing reconstructive surgery… I had my first day back in the garage! 🙂 I sat on a stool for a few hours… .. refurbishing radius arms! Before and after! Not the rubber bushes have been drilled to allow a little more flex… an idea I saw… Continue reading Back to it!

Drivetrain Thoughts

Still in hospital, but filling my time thinking about and sketching lil-bugga ideas… most recently the drivetrain… you’ll hopefully have read and remember I have already narrowed two Jimny front axles – I’d already decided the one for the rear will be an ”open” Diff, ie. stock with no traction aids, but with tougher Trailgear… Continue reading Drivetrain Thoughts

Rear Steer Idea

OK, you’ll probably think this is a mad idea, but here goes… the whole idea of this “Lil’Bugga”buggy build idea was to build a small, cheap US crawler inspired buggy, tube frame, single seater built with as many standard / cheap / replaceable (Suzuki Jimn) parts that I’m fairly used to fiddling with, but on… Continue reading Rear Steer Idea


so, my mind wanders next to the controls for the lil-bugga buggy… Lets look at (one of) the ultimate buggies first then for some inspiration, Lasernut’s Pretty Penny… I’ve labelled some of the controls in the cab there – G – GearboxT – Transfer Box it’s an Atlas box so there’s two levers to select… Continue reading Controls

First YouTube Video

My first attempt at a YouTube video for ”lil-buggy”, using an iPad App I’ve spent the morning learning from my hospital bed… I’m hoping to do actual narrated videos in the future, unless i look a bit of a dick in-front of the camera… Yes, I’ll probably stay behind the camera! LOL