(26/03/22) A few random ”progress” photos (Project currently stalled due to medical issues)

If you click on any image they’ll enlarge and a slideshow will appear

Initial bits (bottom middle photo) –

  • Two front axle casings (to narrow by 13”)
  • Two 3.9:1 Differentials (one later converted to 26 spline)
  • Four Hub Assemblies and eight kingpins
  • Two standard 22 spline shorter-side front shafts (front axle)
  • Two HD Trail Gear 26 spline shorter-side front shafts (rear axle)
  • Four Disk Brake carriers and callipers (New ones sourced later)
  • Four stabdard cast Jimny front radius arms
  • Four Steering bars (to shorten to suit and sleeve to strengthen)
  • One pair of JimnyBits HD panhard rods (to shorten to suit)
  • Two power steering boxes
  • One power steering pump and reservoir (to supply both)
  • One steering column, steering shaft and steering wheel
  • One Brake Master Cylinder assembly, and pedal box
  • Four Jimny three spoke alloys
  • Jimny bonnet to resize to suit (not in photo)