Axle Rebuild Bits…

Some more funds amassed and some more bits arrived…

Going clockwise starting at the top left then –

  • Radius, King Pin and Axle Ball Seal bolt sets from that nice fella at ZookBOB (me! LOL)
  • A pair of disks (not shown in photo) and Brake Pads from JimnyBits
  • Track Rod Ends for the (to be shortened) steering bars from JimnyBits
  • Axle Ball Seals, yup, from JimnyBits
  • King Pin Bearings and axle seals, yup you guessed it! 😉
  • Axle Ball thick steel braces from our old friend Rockwatt

These are all the bits to rebuild one of the axles, I’ll have to duplicate this order for the other axle when I’ve amassed some more funds! 😉

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