Back to it!

After aTEN month siesta whilst my right foot was undergoing reconstructive surgery… I had my first day back in the garage! πŸ™‚

I sat on a stool for a few hours…

.. refurbishing radius arms!

Before and after! Not the rubber bushes have been drilled to allow a little more flex… an idea I saw while googling from my hospital bed… Simon from X-Eng had done this on a previous Jimny Buggy build of his…

A few hours later… four front radius arms refurbished and ready for paint! (I’m using two front axles, as the shorter arms will create a smaller buggy amd also benefit from four wheel steering, disk brakes all round, and ‘stronger’ bearings)…

Then time for a mock-up to remind me where I’m heading and inspire me on…

Short narrow buggy (partly to fit in the garage behind the existing buggy – see next photo) The seat needs to be positioned further back really for weight distribution and legroom.

There’s the out in the October sunshine… Over the winter months it will be pushed out and covered so I can work in the garage, and as “lil-bugga” develops there’s just enough room to squeeze the two buggies in the garage…

Next stage then is to finish welding the rear axle, and then pant and rebuild the two axles, attach the wheels and then build a chassis table at the right ride height, and then obviously work from the “chassis rails” up… to eventually end up with a tube buggy cage on top! πŸ˜‰

More soon! Hopefully, now I’m getting there… Hoping to have the cast removed in a fortnight!

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