Initial Parts…

In early March 2021 I contacted James Priestley a good friend and renowned Jimny breaker here in the UK, and asked him if he could amass some parts for me, and I would collect them when the COVID Lockdowns were eased…

So on the 14th of April 2021 I travelled up to collect this little lot :

Two Front axle casings with diffs, hubs, shafts, brake calipers, radius arms, steering bars, JimnyBits HD panhard rods; 2 steering boxes and one power steering pump, and four three-spoke alloy wheels. There’s also a steering column, steering wheel, and a brake master cylinder, and a power steering reservoir in there too!

The mad ideas about using two front axles are –

  1. There’s a long shaft and a short shaft, having measured the axles I reckon I can narrow them by ~12″ and use to of the shorter shafts.
  2. The front radius arms are shorter than the rears, so I’ll end up with a narrower track and a shorter wheel base… to make the smaller “rock buggy” kind of thing I want.
  3. I’ll end up with disk brakes all round
  4. The front bearings seem to last longer then the rears. (A couple of friends were going to floating rear shafts at this time, and it put the idea in my head)
  5. Ummm, I’ll hopefully end up with four wheel steering?!

The steering bars and (brand new HD) panhard rods will need shortening to suit of course.

(The front axle off the Boogie after it was rebuilt)

So this bit will be cut and removed from both axles so that I can narrow them and run the shorter shafts on both sides of the diff.

MANY THANKS to James for amassing all these parts… and more to come yet… read on!

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