Developing Ideas

I’m still incarcerated in hospital, so I’ve been doing a lot of research about suspension geometry and applying that – with looking at other buggies on the internet – and sketching on a drawing App Ive added to my trusty boredom- busting iPad… So the blue lines are tube work, the bottom two black lines… Continue reading Developing Ideas

Inspiration 2

in my last blog entry i mentioned I’ve been in and our of hospitals for the last few months, and the recovery is ongoing… But the flip-side of that is that i have lots of time to kill in between treatments, so i spend lots of time Googling and watching YouTube Videos… so, my two… Continue reading Inspiration 2

Project Stalled…

On the 12th of December 2021 I was walking down the stairs in our house when I felt a ”twang” in my foot, a bit like an elastic band snapping, so I figured it was a ligament or a tendon… A couple of weeks later I was referred to A&E at my local hospital by… Continue reading Project Stalled…

Narrowed Axles Part 5

Missed an update! In early December the second axle (destined to be the front) is nearly complete…

Lack of Progress

No updates for a while, it’s nearly the end of November, and I seem to have had most of it “off”… I’ve had a bad head cold for a couple of weeks, so that has kept me out of the garage, and I spent last Sunday making a new batch of parts for my eBay… Continue reading Lack of Progress

Narrowed Axles Part 4

So, on Sunday, (you may remember), I’d run out of welding gas… So I combined my trip down the North Wales coast to collect a new bottle and to get a few things we were short of for the shop from Booker Cash & Carry… What’s that at the back?… Ahhh, a bottle of Argon… Continue reading Narrowed Axles Part 4

Narrowed Axles Part 3

Another productive day in the garage… I started the day by making a couple of stands to hold the axle on it’s thread bar studding, so that I could rotate it for welding, a bit like a spit roast! Like this… I then welded into the slight step between the two slightly different diameter axle… Continue reading Narrowed Axles Part 3

Narrowed Axle Part 2

Carrying on with the narrowed front axle which will become the rear axle.. First I cut the breather tube shorter, there was a natural recess in it where the old sprung breather cap sat in, I’ve always thought they’re a bit long, so I had the opportunity on this build to whizz it off, and… Continue reading Narrowed Axle Part 2

Making a start – Axles

OK, it’s October (the 20th), and I planned to start this new build in October, so a bit late, but here we go… Here’s my garage with the bigger “Boogie” buggy out having it’s head (gasket) done again… So there’s some space to work – normally the big buggy will be pulled out onto the… Continue reading Making a start – Axles