Axle Rebuilt

Spent the day today reassembling the rear axle (Yes, it’s a front axle… but the buggy is going to be four wheel steer, so two narrowed front axles are being used)

This is going to be the REAR axle, despite obviously being a narrowed front axle… the buggy is going to be four wheel steer eventually.

The axle has been rebuilt with a standard open diff, but with 26 spline side gears added so that 26 spline Trail Gear HD Shafts and CVs can be fitted. All the kinhpin bearings and seals have been replaced, including the axle ball seals. The hubs are SJ fixed flange type, so permanently ON. The disk brakes are going to be all new, callipers, pads and disks, and will be independently controlled on fiddle levers, hence leaving the diff ‘open’.

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