Project Stalled…

On the 12th of December 2021 I was walking down the stairs in our house when I felt a ”twang” in my foot, a bit like an elastic band snapping, so I figured it was a ligament or a tendon…

A couple of weeks later I was referred to A&E at my local hospital by my GP, and they discovered –

i’d dislocated my Navicular bone, that crescent shaped bone on the left of my foot just above the ankle has rotated anti-clockwise from its normal position within the foot!

As i write this it’s now the 20th of March and I’m in Aintree hospital, the bone was removed by my local hospital about six weeks ago, and I’m awaiting a cage being fitted around my foot to re-align the structure of the bones…

Photo added 24/03/22

Meanwhile… I’ve ordered a new buggy for when i get home from hospital… LOL To get me about hopping round the house and still be able to ”carry” things to / from the kitchen…

It’s a lengthy process, but I hope to be back on this project in a few months… probably early summer 2022…

Dave 😦

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