Lack of Progress

No updates for a while, it’s nearly the end of November, and I seem to have had most of it “off”…

I’ve had a bad head cold for a couple of weeks, so that has kept me out of the garage, and I spent last Sunday making a new batch of parts for my eBay sideline as “ZookBOB” (Bits On a Budget).

In the meantime though…

The original “Boogie” Buggy has returned home, after five weeks in the local garage having the head re-done…

So it’s now nestled back in the garage taking up my room to work! So to use the garage I only need to pull the Boogie out and throw a car cover over it, and then I’ve got the garage space for the day 🙂

It was my Birthday on the 15th, so I pooled my Birthday money and added a bit more to it, and then sent it to JimnyBits! LOL …

A full rebuild kit for the other (front) axle… I’ve already bought the same parts for the “rear” axle (you’ll remember they’re both fronts) I’m currently working on…

So from left to right – a pair of brake disks, a pair of axle ball seals, a set of brake pads, four track rod ends, king pin bearings, axle seals, and another pair of front shock absorber guards.

I’ll get back in the garage in December, hmmm, Wednesday is the first…! 😉

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