JimnyBits TG Shafts…

With MANY THANKS to Russ at JimnyBits, he kindly agreed to swap a long side shaft for a short side shaft on some Trail Gear Heavy Duty front shafts I’d previously acquired off him, so that I had two short side shafts to run in the rear (front) axle –

So top to bottom –

  • A long side shaft for comparison (MANY THANKS to Riccy for this!)
  • Two standard short side front shafts (for the front)
  • Two TG HD rear shafts (for the rear)

So to go with these I also needed –

A pair of 26 spline side gears to build into the rear (front) axle to match the Trail Gear Heavy Duty shafts (at the bottom of the first photo). These were also sourced from JimnyBits (this will become a theme in this build! LOL)

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